Tribune Pictures and BMovie Italia have joined forces to create a new Film Production Services Company: BMS Film Production Services. B Movie Italia is a leading Producer of Music Videos, branded content, TV Format Film series, and Documentaries in Italy, with offices in Rome, Milan and Venice. Tribune Pictures Ltd develops, finances, and produces its own slate of Feature Films for global theatrical & streaming markets, and is headquartered in London and Los Angeles. BSM was formed to capitalise & combine respective strengths, skills, and relationships.

BMS Film Production services is a full service production company specialized in the production of films and series shot in Italy; as well as elsewhere in the EU

BMS oversees the production service: working closely with Producers on International feature films and TV series; and also provides co financing by arranging for, and financing of Italian tax credits, as well as Regional Film grants. BSM provides local budgeting, scheduling, and location scouting. BSM also maintains relationships with the top creative heads of department and crew, equipment, post houses, and local unions. As well as with talent agencies in London, Rome, Paris, and Los Angeles.